Hina Ahmad, MD

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Hina  Ahmad, MD

Meet Hina Ahmad, MD

Board Certified Gynecologist


Dr. Hina Ahmad, MD, is a distinguished OB/GYN at Elite Gynecology in New York City. She is dedicated to providing exceptional women's healthcare and is certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Ahmad brings a wealth of expertise and a commitment to excellence to her role.

Dr. Ahmad's approach to women's health is rooted in preventive care, utilizing advanced diagnostic techniques and personalized treatment plans. She prioritizes patient education, ensuring that individuals are empowered to make informed decisions about their reproductive health. By fostering a supportive and empathetic environment, Dr. Ahmad ensures that her patients feel heard, respected, and confident in their care.

Dr. Ahmad earned her medical degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she honed her skills and developed a deep passion for OB/GYN care. Her dedication to promoting women's health extends beyond the clinic, as she continuously seeks to stay at the forefront of medical advancements and best practices in the field.

At Elite Gynecology, Dr. Ahmad's comprehensive services range from routine gynecological exams to complex obstetric care. Her patient-centric approach and commitment to excellence make her a trusted healthcare provider for women in New York City.